Vehicle Disposal

Here at Urban Vehicle Logistics Ltd we offer a free scrap car collection and disposal service throughout the UK. Our highly trained team promise to collect your vehicle and dispose of it absolutely free of charge.

This service is particularly useful to individuals who own a salvage car or any other vehicle which has seen its last driving days. As such vehicles cannot be driven and are often beyond repair we offer you a great alternative to your unusable car merely taking up room with its inevitable vehicle storage.

Vehicle Disposal Service

Vehicle Disposal Services

  • Quick scrap car collection
  • No costs incurred
  • Compliance with the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive

As we are based in the Midlands area we promise to provide this service to our local customers free of charge. However, if you are not located in the Midlands don’t worry as our partner companies throughout the UK will also offer this service ensuring no one is left out.

So if you have a salvage car or a vehicle beyond repair, take advantage of our scrap car collection and disposal service today by calling 0121 327 8786. You will not only be doing your bit for the environment but you will get an unwanted vehicle off your hands absolutely free of charge.